name: spid/fish

pronouns: any

-very scatter brained and tired all the time, sorry ! o7


what do i plan on doing with this website? oh baby i have alot of ideas n thoughts for this thing, ik it looks pretty bad rn but hey, im working on it okay lmao. i plan on making it a space to share my projects (art, animation, etc), to talk, chill, n just idk fuck around n find out. fuck it we ball amiright [dies]

(i plan on cleaning up alot of stuff too dw, adding images n bgs, text, making better navigation, etc. im gonna make eveeything look nice eventually but it's a slow process for someone who doesn;t know coding lol)

chronic starter of a million side quests and finisher of none !



link to the old about me page here while i clean this up!