about :] ART !! linkss interests' pages !!! guestbook !!! coding adventuress garfield page:3
I MADE A BOX !!!!!!!!!


  • make a garfield page (for xx)
  • also make a little flash type thing of the shelf clickable for pics n info of the real stuff
  • figure out how to make 2 boxes....
  • secret third thing
  • fix the sidebar????
  • make an art page n link it to the art tab
  • make an about page n link it to about tab make a better one now!!!
  • learn how to code..
  • add music? hmmm listening to los compensinos rn idk
  • guestbook?
  • add box on the side for buttons to other ppls websites :0
  • figure out how to join a webring.. (after website looks decent lol)
  • add links to my socials n stuff idk
  • make a personalized "error" page n "under construction" page
  • add an updates box wee
  • add sth somewhere thats like a coding tutorial but it's just me documenting as i figure it out to help me understand n organize thoughts mhm
  • figure out how to make 2 boxes next to eachotherrr
  • chatbox?? beside button box hopeuflly...
  • add a button to link to my site :3
  • add a faviconnn (a sprout maybe?)
  • chnage my updates log to be latest to oldest instead of oldest to latest lol
  • add little pages for my silly litte interests...
  • make each link lead to at least a base wip page instead of an error page
  • have all links on the main page lead to a real page (WIP or not) instead of an error
  • have all links on front interests page lead to a real page (WIP or not) instead of error
  • aouhhhhhhhh bjhcebwhcbkewcew hcjwe kcbhkejw eje w chew cew



    all the backgrounds are placeholders for now just so the site looks nicer :]

    welcome to my dumpsterfire wip of the internet, everything is difficult all of the time!

    heres a button to my site :3 and my friend's !!!

    updates log!! cuz im losing my mind honestly

    march 7/8th (2024) oops been a min ! ive been crazy busy lolol, made small edits around the page and started logging some stuff in the coding endevours page thumbs up emoji, hoping for this site to look coheretnt and like. decent one day lmao, im tryin !! cya in another decade // update i made every link on the site's main page and the interes's front page lead to actual pages instead of errors woohoo (even tho all pages are massive masive WIPs but i digress. bubye o/

    november 10th (2023) oh hey its been exacly a month lol. anywho im fuckin around n finding out bro im trynna do like 12 things at once and im FAILING but i look good doing it (im crying). cya in another month for another update prolly lol.

    ACTUALLY NVM IM BACK (been working for hours) ive succefully made every link in the navigation bar go to a page that isnt an error !!!!! so theyre all very very VERY. rough please mind your step lol, but no more error pages !! (mostly. for now)

    ocotber 10th (2023) guh. hello. happy bday sweaty old man reigen btw, im here hello i finall linked that epic awesome cool very work in progress about me page to my site! the bg wont work for some reason and im still trynna center the gameboy but yah! its functioning enough for now lol, enjoy! i have hw to do bubye :3

    july 18th (2023) been workin on a new about page thats way more complicated than ik how to do but it'll be me.....

    july 17th (2023): working on garfie pageee, my friend made a button so he gets his real button now :) // i linked the garfield page! it only has its front screen up for now but it still looks cute so while it's in maintennece it gets to be linked :) // several hours later n ive completely finished the garfield page! feel free to check it out ! // ive been trynna change the blue glittery nav and button box to sth better but it literally wont chnage despite me removing all of that file and then deleting it from my neocities sources so idk where tf it's coming from still if it's completely GONE, im losing my mind just lemme change rhe bg please bro // its literslly just this page that wont change it so ill have to check stuff lol, but i added a chatbox, hopefully i'll be able to move it beside rhe button box cuz its awkwardly placed rn

    july 16th (2023): added the button to the page, moved the updates log to latest to oldest instead of oldest to latest, led art tab to a working page (the page itself is a wip still but no longer an error page so win), made a temp button to my friend's site (he doesnt have one yet), made/started garfie page but didn't do much.

    july 15th (2023): heyyy lol i added a guestbook (working link) and a page for coding endevors (no link yet, so just an error screen), made a button but didnt get to add it cuz my sister wanted her laptop back lol

    june 13 (2023): it's like 2am ive still been wokring on this nonstop but those side boxes are really screwing me over lol idk how i mess it up so bad. anywho i added a very temporary placeholder about me page so it doesnt lead to an error page anymore!! art gallery is up next for that, but ill have to be on my own computer for that cuz i dont have any of my art on my sisters mac laptop yippee, n then uhhh yup ill work on other things :] im suprised at how far ive come making this website even tho it's just been a couple days lmao, i think it looks decent fror my first thing o7

    (my friends about to login to my neocities acc n try n sort out the box thing lmao, everyone say hi dice "Sup bitches, sorted the SHIT out of those boxes, stay cunty -Dice")

    june 12 (2023): been working on this website literally all day, the progress isn't alot but it's most defiently something!! trying to fix that stupid navigation bar, i have no idea how to make it adjust according to screen size and not be just fully on the left side becauyse i dont like it there lmao. idk what im doing! but im having alot of stressful fun by god!

    i've spent like 3 hours trying to figure out how to make boxes that are next to boxes so i can have a functioning navigation system and some other fun things in boxes besides everything else on the sides, but this poorly functioning navigation bar is gonna have to do for now lol. the placement is messed up depending on your screen resolution when i place it where i want it, so ig im just gonna have it ugly on the far left for now pensive...